Client Testimonials

“My coaching experience with Melanie was growth-producing in multiple areas of my life. Her coaching exercises and tools helped me gain a different perspective on the interrelatedness of the “doing” and “being” aspects of my life both personally and professionally. The skills I learned will continue to help me to live with purpose. Melanie’s positive and objective approach was just what I needed.”
Monique Lynch | Director of Professional Development Programs and Services

“Melanie is a consummate professional who strongly values trust and confidentiality. She engages with genuine sincerity, and is deeply committed to empowering clients with the tools needed to gain new perspectives!”
Scott van den Berg | Director of Finance and Administration

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Melanie. I cannot recommend her as a coach highly enough. Something Melanie said to me during our first coaching session was that we were working to get “me” to where I wanted to be–achieve my goal of work/life balance and a sense of well-being. I never doubted that was the case. The skills and ideas I gained during my sessions with Melanie are techniques I will use for the rest of my life.”
Delilah Peyton | Conference Services Manager

“My coaching experience with Melanie really opened my eyes to the need to improve my work life balance. Through coaching I learned to prioritize my daily and weekly schedules and even link them to annual objectives. Melanie was also instrumental in improving my confidence and helping me to better realize the impact and value I bring to my organization. Anyone who is looking to improve themselves both personally and professionally should seriously consider coaching with Melanie!”
Scott M. Donnelly | Director of Human Resources

“Melanie has such a positive attitude. Her enthusiasm and energy are infectious. She helped me understand and feel really confident in my ability to conquer challenging personal and professional situations.”
Suzanne Bakewell | Communications Consultant

Client Forms

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