Happy Thanksgiving from Leap Forward Coaching!

Gratitude, noun, an emotion of the heart; a state of appreciation, thankfulness, and acknowledgment. With the rush of the holiday season fast approaching, now is the time to pause and reflect on the things for which you are grateful. In fact, cultivating a spirit … Continue reading


Be Intentional

What does it mean to live your life with intention? And how can you be more intentional every day? Let’s explore how to be intentional in your thoughts, beliefs, and actions — to live purposefully and powerfully. Warmly, Melanie Ott Inspirational Thoughts … Continue reading


Just Breathe

Take a breath. Your breath has the power to energize, calm, and heal — but harnessing that power requires intention and practice. I encourage you to just breathe for greater health and well-being. Warmly, Melanie Ott Inspirational Thoughts “He lives … Continue reading


The Fine Art of Flexibility

Practicing the fine art of flexibility in your body, your mind, and your life will allow you to  stretch beyond your fears and limitations and towards your goals and dreams. Let’s talk about cultivating and finding strength in flexibility. Warmly, Melanie Ott Inspirational … Continue reading


SPRING Into Action!

‘Tis the season to SPRING into action! Spring is the perfect time to refresh your routine, move forward on your goals, or make a bold change in your life. Let’s talk about practical ways to “SPRING” forward into action. Warmly, Melanie Ott … Continue reading


Simplifying Self Care

If you’ve ever felt self care is a daunting or unattainable luxury, this month’s newsletter is for you! Let’s talk about simplifying self care … small ways to nurture yourself that don’t require a lot of time, money, or effort. Warmly, … Continue reading


Shine Your Light!

  From glistening candles and bedazzled holiday attire to strings of festive bulbs, lights define the holiday season. Align your thoughts and actions with this wonderful theme and shine your light to create joy, peace, and brightness this season. Warmly, Melanie Ott Inspirational … Continue reading


Say NO to Negativity!

It’s time to say NO to negativity! With the continuing barrage of horrific world news, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and hopeless. Join me in releasing the toxicity of negativity by filling your life with the healing power of positivity. … Continue reading


ASK For It!

To get everything you want in life, you need the courage to speak up and voice your desires. Let’s talk about creating success by asking for it! Warmly, Melanie Ott Inspirational Thoughts “You get in life what you have the courage … Continue reading


The Pursuit of Perfection

Have you ever felt pressure to achieve perfection in your career, relationships, or personal life? Let’s talk about setting yourself free from the pursuit of perfection – and where to focus your effort and energy instead. Warmly, Melanie Ott Inspirational Thoughts “Gold cannot … Continue reading