Executive Coaching

“Flexibility and adaptability are the hallmarks of success in business—change is not the enemy but the opportunity.” – Melanie Ott

Are you…

Leap Forward Coaching is a personal change management and executive coaching process designed to give you a competitive edge by accelerating your professional development and career success.

Career transitions and ever-changing demands make it essential to continually hone your skills. Learning how to effectively navigate these challenges and nurture your career is crucial to your success and happiness on- and off-the-job.

Leap Forward Coaching will help you look at your workplace situation and career path with greater clarity and resolve. Working with an experienced coach and a proven process, you will formulate a personal road map with clear objectives aligned with your career and life goals. Your coach is a guide and an independent sounding board to test ideas, practice new skills and keep you on track—ensuring a positive outcome.

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Our Executive Coaching Process

Melanie Ott works one-on-one with all of Leap Forward’s executive coaching clients. During the process, you will:

Leap Forward Coaching uses a proven process and her extensive experience to help:

  1. Clarify – What career success is for you.
  2. Identify – What you desire in a career, what challenges and opportunities you seek and what contribution you wish to make.
  3. Envision – How your situation would be if you were operating from “purpose” in every aspect of your career.
  4. Choose – Make positive decisions to move you toward achieving your life purpose and vision.
  5. Focus – On those goals that are achievable in the mid-term and what immediate steps are needed.
  6. Commit – To your plan.
  7. Act – Make the changes to create the career you really want.

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