Do YOU Worry Too Much?

Posted on by leapforward

In this series on worry, I’ve mentioned that while worry isn’t healthy, it’s also human nature. So you might be wondering: How do you know when your worry is normal, and when it’s something you should be … well, worried about?

One helpful resource is the Anxiety Test. This test asks the question, “Do You Worry Too Much?”

While no online quiz is ever going to have all the answers about something as complex as worry, this test is a helpful resource. It asks you about your ability to relax, your physical reaction to worry, and what kind of things you worry about.

Once you take 3-5 minutes to answer the questions, you’ll be given a profile on your Current Anxiety Level and your Potential Anxiety Level – and you’ll be given an overview of different triggers impacting your “anxiety profile.”

Did you take the quiz? Did you find it helpful? Leave your comments below!

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