5 Habits of People Who Never Worry

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1. They ask the right questions. Most worriers are all wrapped up in one major question: “What if?” Asking the right questions will help you stop worrying in its tracks. Just ask yourself these questions to gain some perspective on your situation. 1) Ask, “Is it my problem?” 2) Ask, “Do I have any control over it?” 3) Ask, “Have I already done everything about it that I can?” 4) Is it – whatever it may be – imminent?”
2. They can perceive positive outcomes in negative situations. Non-worriers can see the possibility of positive outcomes to even the most negative events. The next time you find yourself worrying about a seemingly bleak situation, take the Pollyanna approach: Find something to be glad about in every situation. And imagine scenarios in which something negative could turn into something good.
3. They have confidence in their ability to handle life throws at them. Worriers often don’t have faith in their own ability to cope with negative situations. The reality is, that most people actually take control quite well once something actually goes wrong. Remind yourself that if something goes wrong, you are strong enough to handle the challenge.
4. They focus on the present. Worriers are undeniably focused on the past – imagining what they should have done differently – and on the future – concerned about the unknown. Non-worriers, on the other hand, live in the present and face today’s challenges, without dwelling on what has or will happen. Remember – the first “what if” leads to the second “what if” until your worries have spun out of control in a matter of seconds. Stay grounded in the present to minimize worry’s impact on your life.
5. They have a sense of perspective. Perspective – like non-worriers — refuses to make a mountain out of a molehill. Worriers, on the other hand, can go from a negative comment by a boss to homeless and living under a bridge in about thirty seconds and three mental steps. Focus on perspective and let small things remain just that – small.

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