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This edition’s topic is How to Be Interesting. Interesting people light up a room, draw a crowd, and are sought after for relationships by friends and co-workers. Fortunately, being interesting is a characteristic that can be enhanced and developed in all of us.

I hope you find at least one idea to inspire and encourage you.


Melanie Ott

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I am pleased to announce the debut of the Leap Forward Coaching blog, where we will build and explore a vision for your present and future life.

Perhaps you will recognize the phrase, “I hope you find at least one idea to inspire and encourage you,” with which I introduce each of my newsletters. My hope is that each blog post will contain a nugget of inspiration to brighten your day, set your mental wheels turning, spark a conversation, and enrich your life.

Be Less “Normal” and More Interesting

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Interesting people have unique characteristics or qualities that define them. Some are spontaneous, others are painstakingly intentional. Some have vast experiences, while others just have a knack for finding gems within their daily lives. Some are single-mindedly dedicated to a specific cause, while others glean their interesting stories from being jacks-of-all-trade, with a wide expanse of hobbies and pursuits. Interesting people live rich lives — and enrich the lives of those around them.

Interesting literally means: “engaging or exciting and holding the attention or curiousity; arousing a feeling of interest.” An excess or bonus beyond what is expected or due.” Being interesting is more than just a party trick or a way to move up the social ladder. Being interesting can help you be more successful in your career, build deeper relationships, and be more fulfilled in life.

The wildly popular Dos Equis beer advertising campaign draws from this theme. The ads feature an actor (a cross between James Bond and Ernest Hemingway) whose exciting and quirky life experiences label him “The Most Interesting Man in the World.” Dos Equis attributes the ad campaign’s immense success to the fact that people want to be interesting and lead inspiring and exciting lives, and buy this beer to get a “taste of life” at its fullest.

Many of us are deathly afraid of being boring — but then neglect to cultivate the life experiences that would make us interesting. We spend days in the office, evenings on the couch, and listen enviously to everyone from public figures to movie stars regale the world with stories of their experiences.

As one of my clients put it, to be that interesting person it’s imperative to stop “turtleing” — pulling your head down into the shell of your comfortable life — and force yourself out of your safety zone, out of the easy routine of your day-to-day life, and really live. Do something that stretches and scares you. Go somewhere you’ve never been. Open your mind to a new idea. Force your life out of the ordinary. Find and pursue your passion. For me it’s travel, yoga, and singing. What is it for you?

Another important aspect of becoming a more interesting person is finding your voice in order to tell your story. We only learn someone is interesting when their story is shared. Be passionate in sharing your story and your enthusiasm will spread to those around you. Believe your story is meaningful, or no one else will believe it. If you find this intimidating, do what I did and take a public speaking class or join Toastmasters to perfect your story telling skills. Share of yourself without fear and you will give others the courage to do the same.

Tips for Becoming More Interesting

Try these tips for becoming a more interesting person — and experience expanded horizons and a lifestyle of intense personal satisfaction.

  • Be real. A vital step in becoming a more interesting person is getting to know — and accepting — your true self. Let’s face it: there’s nothing interesting about a “poser,” a person pretending to be someone he’s not to please others. Chances are, if you’re authentic, you’ll find people who appreciate you — the real you.
  • Broaden your horizons. Accepting your true self doesn’t mean limiting yourself to who you are now. Become intentional about selecting and cultivating interests that align with who you want to become and a life that would be fulfilling to your purpose. Spend your time on what is most meaningful to you.
  • Live purposefully. Interesting people are intentional people: they embrace each moment and live it to its fullest. Instead of simply drifting through life as it comes at you, intentionally participate in events, pursue interests, and spend your time with people who will enrich your life and expand your horizons.
  • Find your passion. What interests you might interest others as well, whether it’s art, hiking, or “spirits.” A friend of mine, a casual wine drinker, began researching wines and wineries. Now she shares her expertise with others by conducting wine tastings at a local winery on the weekends, starting a wine tasting blog, and taking classes to refine her expertise.
  • Be active. Interesting people are active people: they go, do, and see more of what life has to offer. Next time someone asks you to take on a new project or participate in an unfamiliar activity, don’t hesitate; jump on board and go for the ride. Broaden your horizons and open your mind.
    Share what you do. When you have a new experience, share it freely with those around you. People love to hear about experiences different from their own; share tales of your travels, hobbies, and relationships with those around you.
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  • Focus on the Future …

    How does becoming a more interesting person relate to life and career? Living an interesting life leads to becoming an interesting person — and intentionally building an interesting life is a rewarding process that results in personal achievement and long-term fulfillment.

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