Discovering & Working to Your Strengths

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What are you good at? I mean, really good at? It might be a skill, like writing; it may be a more intangible quality, like listening or leading. Whatever it is, each of us has natural strengths.

As 2013 kicks off, I’d like to discuss a key component in executing a satisfying and fulfilling life: Discovering and Working to Your Strengths. Utilize your unique abilities to achieve greater success.



Inspirational Thought

To find out what one is fitted to do, and to secure an opportunity to do it, is the key to happiness. ~ John Dewey

Discovering & Working to Your Strengths

Identify Your Strengths

To focus on your strengths, you first have to know what they are. In my 30 years as a coach, trainer and HR exec I saw people who failed to recognize and maximize their own talents. Perhaps you aren’t sure of your strengths or haven’t taken a recent inventory. Strengths are things that energize you, that you naturally do well, and that you want to spend time doing. Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton, in their book, Now, Discover Your Strengths, suggest the acid test of a strength is something you can see yourself doing repeatedly, happily, and successfully. Write down a list of your strengths.

Sometimes it’s easier for others help us identify our strengths. Think about times when you’ve received compliments. What was it about you they found so positive? Was it your insight into others, your creativity, or resilience? Consider asking three friends or family members what they consider your greatest talents or strengths. Or take an online strength-finder assessments, like these from Gallup and Oprah.

Work to Your Strengths

You probably spend part of your day struggling to complete tasks you aren’t naturally inclined towards, like gathering up courage for a presentation, inputting data into a spreadsheet, or struggling to keep your desk organized. Fighting yourself is exhausting and detracts energy from the things you’re naturally adept at. Simply restructuring a small portion of your day to focus on tasks you can complete efficiently and that give you satisfaction can reap tremendous rewards.

Strength-Finder Tips

There has been a significant shift in the workplace towards specialized workers with fresh, individualized perspectives and talents to offer. Marketing guru Seth Godin says, “If you’re different somehow and have made yourself unique, people will find you and pay you more.” The bottom line: find your one-of-a-kind strengths, the things you can do in a way no one else can, and live your life accordingly.

Focus on the Future …

At Leap Forward Coaching we have a process that will help you uncover and unleash your talents, empowering you to move bravely and boldly towards your best life. We help you overcome obstacles and confront your fears to learn how to lead a more fulfilling, successful, and rewarding life.

Complimentary Coaching Meeting

If I have piqued your curiosity about the value of coaching for you or someone you know, please contact me for a complimentary coaching meeting to explore what coaching can do for you. Explore what coaching can do for you!

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