Finding Joy & Beauty in the Small Things

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Sometimes the key to finding joy and success is focusing, not on the big picture, but on the little moments that make up our daily life. As you begin this new year, seek and find beauty and joy in small things … because some of the best things life aren’t “things” – they’re the precious moments that fill our lives with meaning and happiness.



Inspirational Thoughts

“Be faithful in small things, because it is in them that your strength lies.” — Mother Teresa

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” – John Wooden

Life is Made Up of Small Things

I talk a lot about the motivation and energy generated by thinking big and creating a compelling vision of your future. But concentrating on the many small steps it takes to achieve your vision, and pausing to notice the little moments along the way, can help you glean the most out of right now.

When you feel tired, frustrated, or thwarted, it’s possible you’re focusing too much on the big picture – getting a promotion, starting a family, becoming an empty nester – and not enough on the small things that bring you joy. When that happens, try pausing to enjoy the beauty of life’s little pleasures – the frost on your windshield, an unexpected compliment, money found in your jacket pocket, a triple word score, your favorite song playing on the radio, or the giggles of children.

Take the example of your job. Maybe you’d like to start your own business, but all your planning and scheming is sapping the joy from your current position. Taking a moment to appreciate the little things – sharing a joke with a co-worker, meeting with your favorite client, or simply enjoying the view from your office window – can help you enjoy the here-and-now, without taking away from your future plans and goals.

Attention to detail has the added benefit of positively impacting performance which leads to increased success. By focusing on the small stuff, you achieve incremental improvement that builds to long-term success. Dr. Shinichi Suzuki pioneered the idea that pre-school age children could begin to play the violin if the learning steps (and the instrument) were small enough. Through focusing on the little things and taking baby steps forward, you can make progress and improve performance at work, in sports, playing a musical instrument or in any area or activity you choose.

Tips to Find Joy & Beauty in the Small Things

  • Slow down. It’s impossible to notice the small things when you’re rushing, rushing, rushing. Stop, take a breath, and allow yourself to see the beauty around you.
  • Make a gratitude list. Every day, write down three to five things you’re thankful for – but go beyond the basics of food and shelter. Dig deeper to focus on the small things that make you happy.
  • Get outside. Many of the most beautiful “little” things are found in nature … from a fiery autumn leaf to the delicate shape of a snowflake. The next time you go for a walk, take a moment to notice the beautiful details around you.
  • Cultivate relationships. So many of the tiny moments in our lives come when we’re spending times with the people dear to us. So call your mom, make a coffee date with your best friend, and spend some time just enjoying the ones you love.
  • Celebrate small wins. Too often we fail to recognize incremental progress and improvement with others and ourselves, waiting for big wins or significant accomplishments which are few and far between. This year, take note and celebrate forward progress — the small wins.
  • Focus on the Future

    At Leap Forward Coaching we have a process to help you find beauty and joy in the small things — gaining new perspective and finding increased fulfillment and peace in your life. Our thoughtful methods help you focus on the here-and-now and live your best life!

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