Happy Thanksgiving from Leap Forward Coaching!

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Happy Thanksgiving! The holidays are the perfect time to be extra kind to friends, family, and everyone you meet. As you go about your daily business or gather with loved ones, employ these kindness practices each and every day.

Sweet Little Boy Kisses His Baby Sister in a Rustic Ranch Setting at the Pumpkin Patch.

Spread daily acts of kindness. During the holiday season and throughout the year, conduct small acts of kindness, like dropping a coin in an expired meter, offering to pick up groceries for a stressed neighbor, calling a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, or saying “I love you” to someone dear to you.

Really listen. Too often the holiday to-do list swirling around in our heads, “Book plane tickets,” “Buy Mom’s Christmas present,” “Go grocery shopping,” causes us to lose focus on those around us. To tune out this noise and tune in to others, make a conscious effort to deeply and actively listen. Really hear the other person instead of preparing what you’re going to say next. Truly listening is the one of the kindest things we can do for each other – the perfect holiday gift!

Assume positive intent. Plato said, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” Instead of rushing to snap judgments or anger, give others the benefit of doubt. Strive to react graciously and kindly, regardless of what’s said or done.

Be kind to yourself. Practice self-care by carving out space each day for “me time”— special time allocated for you to catch your breath, reflect on your day, and refocus on what’s most important.

With heartfelt thanks to my clients, family, and friends,

Melanie Ott

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