Happy Thanksgiving from Leap Forward Coaching!

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As the holidays approach and you receive gifts from family and friends, you
may have the thought, “It’s better to give than to receive.” This holiday
season I encourage you to find joy in this paradigm shift: Give the gift of
receiving by accepting with an open and grateful heart.

The Gift of Receiving

Receive with grace. Occasionally a gift comes along that feels undeserved.
When you receive a gift (or a compliment) that seems “too big,” resolve to
fight the self-judgment lingering behind this thinking. Allow yourself the
joy of feeling valued that comes with a thoughtful and generous
gift. Remember that receiving with grace is a gift in its own right!

Receive without judgment. Let’s be honest: gift giving is an imperfect
art. Should someone give you a less than “ideal” gift, choose to crush any
negative internal (or external) response. Instead of critiquing the gift or
the giver, focus on the giver’s thoughtful motives and sincerely express
your thanks.

Receive without obligation. Have you ever received a gift from someone you
weren’t planning to buy a present – then panicked about “having” to return
the favor? If this happens to you, resolve not to create stress around an
unexpected gift. Accept generosity with sincere gratitude and release
yourself from the guilt of reciprocation.

I’d like to leave you with this thought: “By receiving with tender
compassion, we’re allowing ourselves to be touched by life’s gifts.” Hold
the beautiful gifts you receive this holiday season in your heart, with
gratitude for your friends and family and the blessings of the universe.

With heartfelt thanks to my clients, family, and friends,

Melanie Ott

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