Happy Thanksgiving from Leap Forward Coaching!

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The holidays are a special time for generosity and gratitude — and a wonderful way to celebrate the season is to share kindness you’ve received by paying it forward.

To pay it forward is to take some of the goodness you’ve been given — then, instead of paying that person back, turning around and sharing it with others, with the intention of creating a chain reaction of kindness.

“What we do matters; kindness begets kindness.”

Take these simple actions and pay it forward this Thanksgiving (and into 2020!):

Give in small ways. Look for small ways to be generous, considerate, and encouraging to those around you. Hand write thank you notes to soldiers. Let someone with fewer items go in front of you at the grocery store. Offer to pick up a friend’s child at the bus stop. Tell the manager how great your food or service was. Or share a funny story with a stressed co-worker.

Volunteer or participate in a charitable event. Chances are good you’ll be sharing a special holiday meal or social event with friends or loved ones — but many around you may not be so fortunate. Share gratitude for your bounty and give the gift of emotional, financial, or physical support to others in need.

Do pro bono work. Give the gift of your expertise by providing a few hours of “complimentary” work to someone who otherwise couldn’t afford your services. See the difference your helping hand can make in another’s life.

Mentor someone. Your knowledge is one of your greatest gifts — and sharing it is one of the best ways to help others. Share your time, talents, and know-how with someone less experienced — and ask them to do the same for someone else down the road!

When you pay it forward, you bring light to those around you and increase your own happiness as you reflect on the abundance in your life. Get the snowball of kindness rolling and watch it grow as others catch the spirit and join in. Reap the rewards all year long!

With heartfelt thanks to my clients, family, and friends,

Melanie Ott

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