Let Go of These 5 Things to Cultivate Joy

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When you’re working hard to cultivate joy in your life, several unhealthy behaviors and attitudes can stand in your way and keep you from experiencing true, deeply-rooted joy. Let go of these five obstacles to cultivate joy in your life.

  1. Let Go of the Past.

Constantly looking back – whether it’s dwelling on regret or dreaming of “the good old days” can sap you of present joy. Let go of the past to live mindfully and joyfully in the present!

  1. Let Go of Jealousy.

“Comparison is the thief of joy,” and focusing on what others have that you don’t can be one of the greatest stumbling blocks to joy. Let go of jealousy and be thankful for what you have instead of longing for what others have.

  1. Let Go of Negative Influences.

Friends who encourage you to gossip or complain can keep you mired in doubt, frustration, and bitterness. Let go of relationships that encourage you to negativity, and seek out friends who encourage you to joy!

  1. Let Go of Fear of Change.

If you find yourself living in fear of what may come, it can keep you from relishing present joy. Let go of fear of change (and a future you can’t control) to find the most joy in the present moment.

  1. Let Go of Control.

Constantly grasping for control of your life in relationships, career, and personal growth can leave you exhausted, frustrated, and anxious.  Let go of control to find peace and joy in the things you can’t change.

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