Live Your Life From The Perspective of Possibility

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Over twenty-five years ago, I applied for a director-level job at a different company several levels above my current position (and well beyond my background and experience). Looking back, I wonder how I even had the nerve to submit my resume! But amazingly, I got the job.

I attribute that success to my dogged, gritty persistence and utter confidence. I firmly believed – regardless of my youth and limited experience – that I was the best person for the job. Just as importantly, I was somehow able to convince the employer! Perhaps it was it was naiveté or chutzpah, but either way not knowing any better may have worked in my favor. I was living in the refreshing place of not having limiting beliefs. I believed it was possible, doors opened, and good things happened.

Imagine the beauty of a life lived from the perspective of possibility. Regardless of your age, background, or experience, this type of living changes everything.

When we are limited by fear, instead of thinking of what could be we focus on what might not go our way or work in our favor. We allow our fears to be stronger than our faith. We set aside bold dreams or minimize audacious goals, coasting through life without ever reaching our true potential. Perhaps we could all use the naiveté to believe we can’t fail.

Action item: Ask yourself, “What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?” Then take steps to make your dream a reality.

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