Saying No & the Fear Of Missing Out

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Fear Of Missing Out – popularly dubbed “FOMO” – is a form of anxiety
associated with social media. As Psych Central says, it is “the fear of missing
out on something or someone more interesting, exciting or better than what
we’re currently doing.”

Fear of missing out is also a common reason for feeling unable to say no:
after all, who really knows what might be forfeited if you turn down that
opportunity. If you don’t attend your high school reunion, will you miss
reconnecting with old friends? If you turn down a job offer, will you risk
becoming irrelevant in your field? If you don’t volunteer to coach your child’s
Little League team, will he resent your absence?

Instead of allowing yourself to become paralyzed by the fear of what you’re
missing, instead focus on what you gain by saying no. Whether the benefit
is more time with your family, increased ability to pursue a cause or hobby
more meaningful to you, or just the opportunity to breathe at the end of a
long day, acknowledge the good that saying no brings to your life. Focus on
the positive instead of torturing yourself with possibilities that can never be

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