The 3 Parts of Total Confidence

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Tim Sanders is a best-selling author and leadership consultant to Fortune 500 companies. He pinpoints three elements of “total” confidence which I found very helpful.

1. Confidence in self
2. Confidence in your team (company, industry, family)
3. Confidence in faith (in God, capitalism, a cause)

I’ve often said that “You deserve to be happy and successful.” And it’s impossible to be happy and successful if any one of these three elements is “out of whack.” After all, if you’re confident in yourself, but lack confidence in your “team” – your coworkers, family, or friends – you’re going to be held back from success in your work or family relationships. If you’re confident in your “team,” but don’t have a higher purpose, you’re going to be left wondering, “What’s the point?”

So – where do you stand? Where do you have confidence – and where do you lack it? How are you going to build confidence in each of these three areas, and what will it add to your life?

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