Welcome to the NEW Leap Forward Coaching Blog

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Welcome to the premiere post on the Leap Forward Coaching blog!

It has been my pleasure to interact with you through many different means, from one-on-one coaching meetings, group coaching sessions, and individual coaching emails, to my coaching newsletters. I view this blog as just one more way for me to communicate with and encourage you in your personal and professional journey towards a more intentional life and successful career.

Each of my newsletters focuses on a central theme relevant to executive coaching, life coaching, or career coaching. (Past topics have included “The Pursuit of Happiness,” “Lifelong Learning,” and “Decluttering.” Many blog posts will center on themes from recent newsletters; others will share inspirational quotes or thought-provoking articles. Please read, comment, share, and help me build a community of purpose.

The articles you will find here center on the principles I use in coaching to facilitate my clients’ personal and career success. Just as my holistic approach to coaching integrates all life areas, so my blog is intended to inspire you towards personal understanding and well being, create solutions for success, and unlock your full potential.

I hope you will make the Leap Forward Coaching blog a regular part of your life, and that here you will find valuable tools to help you as you create a vision for your best life.

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