Confidence is Not Arrogance

Posted on by leapforward

Amidst all this talk about confidence, there’s one thing I need to make clear: Confidence is not arrogance. Confidence comes from a strength deep within you – it’s grounded in reality, self-knowledge, and peace. Arrogance stems from weakness – a need to assert oneself over those around you to make yourself feel bigger.

Confidence is about you and your abilities, while arrogance is based on comparison with others – thinking, “I’m better than so-and-so.” To truly harness the power of confidence, you need to look within, not without.

And it’s important to note that arrogance doesn’t bring power, although it often accompanies the illusion of power. People who are arrogant are often aggressive, demeaning, and loud. Confidence, on the other hand is a quiet strength.

So when you’re working to build confidence and harness its power in your life, make sure your journey is about your abilities, not anyone else’s. Think kindly of yourself, but think kindly of others – and don’t use comparison to build your confidence. The true power of confidence comes from within. It can’t be given to you by someone else, or flow form something outside you or your own experiences. You must build it yourself.

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