Create It & Become It: Using Your Body to Change Your Mind!

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“Nonverbal [cues] govern how others think and feel about us – do they govern how we think and feel about ourselves?” ~ Amy Cuddy

Create It & Become It

In my most recent e-newsletter I talked about how to create it and become it – actively shaping your future self with today’s actions.

You may also recall how in the past I’ve shared how to create a vision for the future. In many ways, creating it to become it is the logical next step; you’ve decided what you want to become or do, and now you have to take the necessary steps to make it happen.

There’s a very physical aspect to creating it and becoming it that flows from the more intangible step of creating a vision for the future. Maybe for that reason, your ability to become the best version of yourself that you’re envisioning is heavily impacted by how you choose to carry and present your body.

The good news is, even when your mind feels out of control – when imposter syndrome, fear, or lack of confidence has your head a jumbled mess – you still have control over your body! And this means you have the power to control your reactions to become the confident, successful person you envision.

Here are a few tips for using your physical self to create and become the leader, thinker, or expert you desire to be.

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