Symptoms You Lack Confidence

Posted on by leapforward

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m not sure if I lack confidence. I feel okay about myself – is this something I need to consider?”

It’s true that some lucky people are born with an inherent sense of self – comfortable in their own skin and their place in the world. But a lack of confidence doesn’t have to be crippling to hold you back, so let’s talk about some of the symptoms of lack of confidence. If you recognize a few of these habits in yourself, take steps to build up your confidence and reap the rewards!

Procrastination. If you lack confidence, it’s common to put off making a decision or taking action, because you’re not confident you have the power to achieve your desired end goal.
Overthinking. Those who lack confidence often feel like they need to bury themselves under a mountain of information to assess every possible outcome or eventuality. While preparation is a helpful tool for increasing confidence, it can be abused: Using information as a crutch or an excuse for inaction is often a symptom of lacking confidence.
Indecision. Difficulty making decisions can often be traced back to a lack of confidence in your own ability to succeed. If you’re often paralyzed by indecision, it’s worth taking a look at your confidence.
Isolation. People who lack confidence often don’t speak up or make their thoughts heard because they don’t feel their opinion or knowledge is valuable.

I’m not suggesting every hesitation or moment of self-doubt stems from a lack of confidence. But if any of these symptoms are something you struggle with on a regular basis, it might be worth taking a step back to analyze just how confident you are in your place in life.

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