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What does it mean to live your life with intention? And how can you be more intentional every day? Let’s explore how to be intentional in your thoughts, beliefs, and actions — to live purposefully and powerfully.


Melanie Ott

Inspirational Thoughts

“We shape our lives and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

“An unintentional life accepts everything and does nothing. An intentional life embraces only the things that will add to the mission of significance.” ~ John C. Maxwell

Intentional Choices for Intentional Living

Success and goal achievement seldom happen by accident. Every outcome in our lives is the result of choices we make each and every day. At the most fundamental level, living intentionally is about increasing awareness and accepting responsibility for your choices and their outcomes.

We all make thousands of choices every day. Many are small, such as what to have for dinner, or whether or not to go to the gym. Others are larger, with broad potential implications on your career, family, relationships, health, and future. It’s easy to put those choices on autopilot and save yourself the effort of being intentional. But being intentional is much more than just getting by; it’s about taking ownership and actively engaging in your life.

Getting Started

Start assessing your choices, large and small each day. Determine whether those “easy” or “obvious” choices are moving you steadily towards your goals. Then intentionally choose the thoughts, beliefs, and definitive actions that will propel you towards fulfillment, satisfaction, and success.

Take a few minutes each morning to write down three things you intend to “do” or “be” each day. Your intentions can be about personal qualities like: be decisive, be assertive, or be more approachable. Or hone in on skills you already possess, such as: stay open to others’ opinions, focus on the positive, or listen actively.

Say “No” to Say “Yes!”

Being intentional about your choices allows you to say “no” to what is not serving you in your life, and opens you up to say “yes’’ to what will. Set intentions for what you want, and rid your life of what holds you back.

Whatever your intentions, identify and write them down daily. These intentions will help you stay focused on what’s important to you and significantly increase the likelihood of getting the results you truly want in life.

Tips to Be Intentional

Leap Forward Coaching offers you a proven process and life-changing experience to be intentional about your personal and professional growth. As your coach I am dedicated to helping you reach your fullest potential.

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