Move On

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Just as there’s value in practicing patience, it’s also critical to know how and when to move on. Let’s create forward momentum to transform your life.


Melanie Ott

Inspirational Thoughts

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but in building the new.” ~ Socrates

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” ~ Winston Churchill

“Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.” ~ Victor Kiam

Moving On to Greater Things!

Whether you’re facing a past hurt, a current disappointment, a dead end job, or a stagnant relationship moving on may be the key to finding joy and success. Knowing how and when to move on can be tough … but it is well worth it!

Maybe you hesitate to abandon a relationship, path, or situation because it feels like giving up. And it’s true, some situations can be healed by patience and perseverance. But when you find yourself feeling stuck, hopeless, or angry, it’s time to find a new course of action and move on.

Step One: Recognize a Need for Change

Moving on starts by honestly assessing your situation and making a conscious decision that things need to change. As long as you hold out hope that a toxic relationship can be healed, you’re not likely to let it go. Or, until you recognize that your current job will never bring you fulfillment and success, you’ll be tempted to stay. Decisively and effectively moving on requires an admission that things must change.

Step Two: Decide What You Really Want

Regardless of the pain or frustration with your current situation, making a change — even for the better — is hard to do. It helps to visualize the positives waiting for you on the other side. Instead of dwelling on your loss, focus your energy on what you’ll gain. If you’re moving on from a relationship, relish in the peace of mind it will bring and the promise of new connections. If you’re in a stagnant situation, picture the freedom you’ll have to pursue your goals once you’ve shaken off the past.

Step Three: Create Forward Momentum

To move on, you have to move forward. Create momentum by taking a first step, no matter how small. If you feel stuck or stalled, identify one small thing you can do right now. The momentum of the tiniest action can propel you towards bigger and better things.

Tips to Move On

As your coach I am dedicated to helping you reach your fullest potential. Through Leap Forward Coaching I offer a proven process and life-changing experience to be intentional about your personal and professional growth — including letting go and moving on towards greater joy and success.

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