More Practical Tips to Build Confidence

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In my most recent email newsletter on harnessing the power of confidence, I shared a number of tips to harness the power of confidence in your own life. Here is a handful of more practical steps that will help you find the confidence within yourself.

Resist comparison. Lack of self-confidence often stems from looking to others, then comparing their successes to our own. You are unique, and so are your experiences. Remind yourself you are living your own life, not anyone else’s!
Compliment others. Build yourself up by building others up! When you praise others, you’re more likely to see the good in yourself … and giving compliments also gives you a glow and an energy that will give you a boost of confidence as well.
Be generous. When we lack confidence we get all wrapped up in ourselves – our fears and our failings. We can fail to take action because we’re worried about how we’ll look or what will happen if we fall on our face. But in doing so, we forget about the good we can do by pursuing our dreams – sharing what we have and what we are with those around us!
Face your fears. Show yourself you can overcome by taking action and doing the thing you fear.
Dream big. Allowing yourself to dream big can help you tap into your self-confidence. Instead of shooting down your dreams and desires, indulge! Make a list of really big dreams for the next six months, year, or five years of your month – and consider how to make them a reality.
Live the positive you feel. It can be easy to squash the good things – the hope, the excitement, the energy – that we feel. Instead, let your joy and strength shine through, no matter how shy or nervous you feel!
Be. Do. Have. This is the sequence of success – and it is crucial to finding self- confidence. Be confident by connecting to the power within yourself. Do confident by taking the steps you need to achieve your dreams. Finally, have confidence and find success.

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